A Family Business


Our family cares about your family! That's why we use only the top quality ingredients. We bake with aloha spirit using organic, local, non-artificial ingredients. Using close to 40 different flours, none of which contain wheat, barley, rye, or ANY other gluten containing flours or ingredients. We are careful in our selection, ensuring our ingredients are made in facilities that are gluten-free and that have commitments to non-GMO products. We do not allow any products to be brought into our bakery that contain gluten.

We also are vegan and paleo friendly. We happily take requests in both categories. Corn free? We can accommodate corn free requests that do not contain baking powder (often made with cornstarch) and our organic powdered sugar is made with potato starch.

We do not take nut-free cake orders if request is due to allergy, as we use nuts and nut flours in our daily baking and cannot 100% guarantee cross contamination.

We are also soy-free and high fructose corn syrup free!

Do not fear artificial colors or flavors- we use neither, as all of our flavors and colors are naturally derived. Have you seen our dragonfruit buttercream? Nature makes the best colors and flavors afterall!

We invite you to try our family recipes and taste for yourself that our  Gluten Free/Organic tastes AMAZING!